Audiology Consultants of Iowa

Can hearing loss increase my chances of falling?

In the vast majority of cases, the short answer is no, hearing loss cannot increase your chances of falling or affect your balance in any way. There are a few occasions when hearing loss and dizziness may happen at the same time. In these cases, there is generally a very sudden drop in hearing in one ear only, and the dizziness is severe and lasts several hours or even days. If this happens to you, consider it a medical emergency and visit your local emergency department.

Most hearing losses occur gradually and in both ears and will not affect your balance. However, other changes may also happen at the same time that can affect your sense of balance, such as a loss of feeling in your feet or legs, a decline in your vision, or loss of muscle tone in your legs. Even some medications can make affect your balance and thus increase your risk of falling.

Whatever the cause, feeling off balance can be alarming, and falls should be avoided. Please discuss any concerns you have about your balance or falls with your primary care provider.