I have heard hearing aids are really expensive. Are there any other options?

First, check your insurance. More insurances than ever offer some coverage for hearing aids. Unfortunately, Medicare does not currently have hearing aid coverage, and most supplemental insurances don’t, either. However, it’s always worth a phone call to be sure.

Hearing aids come in a range of pricing. While your budget shouldn’t be the only consideration when you’re choosing hearing aids, it should definitely be a part of the conversation with your audiologist. Audiology Consultants now has a very basic hearing aid option available that has limited services included for those on a tight budget.

Over-the-Counter hearing aids will soon be available. Be sure that you investigate what services are or are not included before you purchase this option. 

If you are a veteran, contact your local VA clinic, as the VA often provides eligible veterans with new, top-of-the-line hearing aids at zero cost. If you’re working, contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation office, as there may be a program that can provide you with hearing aids. For years, the Lion’s Club has provided used, refurbished hearing aids to people in need at little or no cost. In the past, occasionally a patient’s church has helped them to purchase a much-needed hearing aid. In addition, there are very reasonably priced amplifiers that use headphones or earbuds that will work in a pinch. 

Whatever your budget, if you need hearing aids, don’t give up because you’ve heard they’re expensive. Hearing aids can be expensive, it’s true, but there are options available to fit any budget. Call your audiologist to discuss what options might work best for you!