Top 5 reasons to see an Audiologist.

1. You have noticed difficulty hearing, understanding speech, or following the flow of conversation and/or find yourself mentally exhausted at the end of the day.

2.  You no longer enjoy social events, make excuses to avoid going out, feel like you are sometimes looking in on your life from the outside, or feel isolated from others.

3.  You have tinnitus; You hear ringing/humming/buzzing/whistling in your ears, especially if it is interfering with your ability to live your life as you would like to.

4.  It has been several years since your hearing was last tested, especially if you are or have been exposed to loud noise either in your employment or recreationally.

5.  You have a hearing aid (or hearing aids) that isn’t working up to its potential, hasn’t been adjusted in a while, or doesn’t fit comfortably.

BONUS 6. Audiologists enjoy improving the quality of life of our patients.  Contact us today to schedule your visit!

Emily Steffel, AuD