Audiology Consultants of Iowa

What are some questions I should ask before purchasing hearing aids?

By: Katie A Oestreich, Au.D., CCC-A

When you are diagnosed with a hearing loss, you are bound to have many questions running through your mind. What caused my hearing loss? Will it ever get better? What are my treatment options? This can be very nerve-wracking as you embark on a journey for which you may or may not have been prepared. So how can you best prepare yourself? Ask questions! Your audiologist is there for you. He or she will work with you to discuss what will work best for you. Common questions are listed below:

  • What type of hearing aids are recommended for me?
    • Hearing aids come in a variety of styles, sizes, and technology levels. Your audiologist will discuss what hearing aid options will work best for you given the type and degree of your hearing loss and will take into consideration cosmetic preferences, dexterity, and lifestyle.
  • How much will hearing aids cost?
    • Since hearing aids have a variety of features, there is a broad price range. After discussing the style and features that will work best for you, your audiologist will narrow down that price range and help you to decide on a hearing aid that is affordable to you.
  • How long should I expect hearing aids to last?
    • The lifespan of a hearing aid greatly depends on how well they are taken care of, as well as the quality of the device. Your audiologist may be able to give you a more reliable estimate, based on others who have purchased devices similar to yours.
  • What kind of trial period is offered?
    • Most clinics offer a trial period of varying lengths. This gives you time to experience the hearing aids in your day-to-day activities and ensure that they meet your needs.
  • How often should I have my hearing aids adjusted?
    • Given any previous changes in hearing, your audiologist may recommend a time-frame that you should have your hearing re-tested and your hearing aids adjusted if changes occur.
  • What services are included?
    • When purchasing a hearing aid, you’re not just paying for the device. You are also paying for programming of the device, follow up appointments, and other services. Every clinic is different, so make sure you understand what is included at yours.

The hearing aid journey can be daunting. But your audiologist is there to help! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and express your concerns. You and your audiologist will work together to find what is right for you!