Hearing Testing Services in Le Claire, IA

When you need hearing aids in Le Claire, IA, visit an experienced audiologist. Contact Audiology Consultants, P.C. for hearing testing and all of your audiologist services. Our private practice has been helping patients in our community for 40 years, and we are more than happy to help you as well. When you need to visit a licensed and certified audiologist, give us a call at 800-404-7712.

Hearing Tests and More

We know that losing your hearing can be scary, and that is why we work hard to help you learn more about what is happening with your ears. A complete hearing evaluation is conducted to determine the type and degree of hearing loss. If a medical concern is discovered, you can expect to be referred to the appropriate medical professional.

Are you struggling with tinnitus? We are properly trained to handle all of your tinnitus needs as well. We offer tinnitus testing and help you understand ways to minimize your perception of tinnitus. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors of audiology today to begin learning more.

Hearing loss can be complex; for individuals with hearing loss, an audiologist is the most qualified professional to assist with diagnosis and treatment. Visit our contact page to learn more about the many ways you can get in contact with us. A knowledgeable member of our staff will be waiting by to answer your questions or schedule an appointment for you.