There are so many places to get hearing aids! How do I know where to go?

By, Margaret Christiansen, Au.D. 


The idea of getting hearing aids can be overwhelming! If it’s a new venture for you, it can be a difficult step to make. There are advertisements bombarding you right and left, you worry about the expense, you worry about what if you don’t like your hearing aids, who do you go to, etc. A multitude of questions and concerns can make moving forward difficult. 

When determining what professional to work with there are several factors to explore. A recommendation from your family doctor or a friend who is happy and successful with their hearing aids is a good place to start. Another factor to consider is the education and training of the person you are going to see. Audiologists hold a Masters or Doctorate degree in Audiology which is the science of prevention, evaluation and treatment of hearing loss. This extensive educational background makes an audiologist an expert in hearing loss, hearing aids and treatment. It is important to find a professional you are comfortable working with since you will be working with this individual for years to come. 

The cost of hearing aids is another big concern. The good news is there are quality options available at a wide range of prices. Hearing aids come in a large range of technologies. The decision on what hearing aids are best for you depend on your hearing loss, individual listening needs and budget. After evaluating your needs, the audiologist should work with the patient to find a hearing aid that is comfortable for them. Your audiologist will help you select the most appropriate hearing aids for your individual loss, lifestyle and budget. 

Hearing aids come with a trial period. This allows you to experience your hearing aids in your own environment for six weeks to make sure you are happy. During that trial period, you can work with your audiologist to address any problems or concerns you may be having. If at the end of your trial period you are unhappy with your hearing aids, they can be returned or exchanged. This helps ensure you are pleased with the benefit you are getting from your hearing aids. 

The service you receive with your hearing aids is just as important as the technology you purchase. It is important to make sure the person fitting your hearing aids is utilizing best practices such as performing real ear measurements, to make sure your hearing aids are fit the best way for you. The knowledge of the person fitting your hearing aids, adjustments made and counseling provided are vital to being successful with your hearing aids. 

Whether you are getting your first set of hearing aids or your fourth, it is an important decision. Your hearing aids are an investment in both your hearing and your health. If you have concerns about your hearing, take the first step by calling your audiologist! 

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