Hearing Conservation Services

OSHA’s Regulation on Occupational Noise Exposure (29 CFR 1910.95) mandates an effective hearing conservation program for employees exposed to high levels of noise. Worker’s compensation claims for hearing loss make employer and employee protection essential.

Noise is one of the few preventable sources of hearing loss, and yet, in the United States, it is second only to aging. In industry, hearing loss is one of the leading occupational diseases, both in prevalence and potential cost.

The professional staff at Audiology Consultants can assist you in developing or improving your Hearing Conservation Program. We are a local company offering personalized service and we are committed to hearing loss prevention.

The following services are available to meet the needs of your workplace:

  • Noise Surveys – The foundation of a hearing conservation program. We can provide both walkaround surveys and individual workshift sampling to suit your needs.
  • On-Site Hearing Tests – Our mobile test unit comes to your facility, on your schedule, to provide convenient and cost effective audiometric testing. All testing is completed by our CAOHC certified technicians.
  • Data Analysis – Test information is processed in a company-specific database. Detailed reports are provided and form the basis of your compliant program.
  • Audiogram Review and Consultation – Comprehensive review by an Audiologist to ensure compliance, determine work-relatedness, and evaluate medical referrals. We offer in-person reviews and on-going professional assistance.
  • Education – Hearing Conservation training sessions can be conducted on-site and tailored to fit your needs.
  • Personal Hearing Protection – We can assist in choosing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the workplace or recreational activities. When appropriate, we can provide custom molded earplugs.

If you are concerned about noise levels at your business, uncertain whether you need a hearing conservation program or worried that your current program does not meet requirements, call us today at 563-355-7712.